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WHY MOTORCYCLES? - Past & Present!

I've had a passion for bikes since I was a child.

I still get excited like a child when I hear a bike.

I've worked within the bike trade selling KTM's and Kawasaki's. I have previously acquired my Motorcycle Mechanics qualification, and also have a basic TIG welding qualification. I am finally about to move more towards this area since becoming affiliated with The Machine Shop! 


On the road, I've only been riding since 2013.

I started riding when I was very young, by riding off road with my cousins around their countryside home. I was quite lucky because I could never afford my own. I had to really graft hard working double shifts and night shifts whilst studying in order to be able to get my first road bike.

Over my cousins, we would sometimes wander into other farm/woodland- having to dodge billions of massive badgers on our crazy little adventures... This was much to the displeasure of the EVIL BADGER KILLER! (aka the other land owner) 

We figured out how to remove restriction from the quadbikes and rode them fully powered...

Even though we weren't old enough to ride on 'big kid' toys! (SORRY AUNTY SARAH) 

We also were lucky enough to have rode mini moto's there too. One of which my sister 360 flipped! She fully snapped it's fairings in half. There was a hilariously dangerous offroad trike, I witnessed my dad fly straight through a barbed wire fence when the brakes failed! My favorite were the badass little STOMPS! 

(For those of you that' don't know what they are, a Stomp is actually a semi automatic pitbike... They have gears like a manual bike, but you don't need to use a clutch to change gears!  YEP- THEY REALLY EXIST!)


I currently ride my late father's Z1000. I own Honda CB650F-AG, Suzuki RV125, CCM 404DS.


I  don't really think I could own a dream bike if I've not tested it prior. It would be soul crushing if I bought a dream bike for it to turn out I don't enjoy riding it.

However, I think that it would be cool to experience:

- Honda NR750 with the oval pistons.

- The Flying Millyard. 

- The Millyard V10 Viper. (8000cc)

-  Aprilia RSV4 X.

Currently the best bikes I've ever ridden in my life are:

- KTM Superduke R.

- Husqvarna 701.

I wonder if this will change. So far I've not found a bike that comes close to the feeling I get with those.


Indeed, I've had more crashes than I can count on my hands- that's for sure!

I used to really enjoy the adrenaline of a crash, but as I've gotten older and sustained some life changing injuries, I've definitely become much more careful.

Luckily most of my crashes have been offroad. However I have definitely face-planted a lot on the road, this was from pushing myself too far in the first few years. I was a right little bugger to begin with!

I even ate tarmac during break on a CBT refresh when I thought nobody was watching; I was being a turd, donutting my 125 on it's peg. I spotted the instructor judging me out the corner of my eye. Panicked  that he was going to fail me for being a little git and well you know the rest... Tarmac for breakfast and all that! I surprisingly passed still. Phew.

However, I have  only really had 2 memorable major incidents...

The first one I remember is,  I got undertaken on a bend by a dude showing off on his cruiser. He cut into my path and wiped my front wheel out with his exhaust. I had a hole in my knee, which looked like I'd had my kneecap blown off by a shotgun! Kinda funny to look back on. I remember just flying through the air almost in slow motion, completely blank faced because I was so irritated.

The other one was a bad smash, I can't even laugh it off because it ruined my career prospects.

It was Black Friday (YAY angry road raged, deal-seeking women)

I was on my way back from my mechanics course, filtering through traffic as you do. I was literally doing  5mph, when an impatient woman decided it would be fantastic to Simpsons Hit & Run me. (I hope y'all have played that game and get the reference)

Basically, as soon as I was in front of her vehicle- she decided to accelerate into me.

This T-bone  instantly crushed my foot. 

It doesn't sound like it would be that bad, but it was actually an extremely complex and rare injury, due to how small foot bones are. It was so rare that it was published in a medical journal. 

I almost ended up an amputee, but I got lucky. They just put a shed load of metal in my foot instead! However, it did get rebuilt with an arch, but I'm originally flat footed- so now I have different sized feet!

I'm proud to say this crash made me value my life more, and definitely appreciate my limbs, since then I've achieved so many physical things that I'm not supposed to even be able to do.


Don't let any of your buddies take the mick out of you for crashing more. It's a good way to learn- as long as you are still able to get up and ride in the end. Even professional riders crash sometimes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my bike history.

If you enjoyed it, please feel free to check my blog!

Image by: Sally Sparrow Photography


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